Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

flower leaf feather mushroom

flower leaf feather mushroom....
and that white thing growing from the ground that I can't identify. I did read somewhere about it and how it doesn't need photosynthesis but rather gets all the nutrients from the ground.

There has been ample rain this summer and the city gardens are flourishing like never before. This would have been the year to try a garden for the first time. For myself, I stopped planting a big garden years ago when I got a CSA. Of course there were some vegetable plants scattered around the flowers. This year we made a little garden box/bed and planted the seeds that the little one sprouted in the spring. Now I feel we should have done much more.

How did I get distracted by city gardens when there's so much to share about these woodland summer things? Maybe because I don't know what to say. Their presence is a mystery to me. 

How did they find themselves in those particular spots? Why did the crow loosen a feather from her body? Why did the daisies bloom? How did that white plant choose that spot to gather ground nutrients? How many fairies does it take to spread the toadstools mushrooms?

All I know is that the leaf fell from an oak tree. And the feather is from a crow. And the flowers are getting ample rain and sunlight. 

And I am mighty pleased to witness the abundance.


  1. I so appreciate your sense of wonder! Thanks for this post - photos and words.

    1. Thanks, Deonne. In return, I must say I love your sense of scamp adventure!!! Among lot of other things.

  2. Your pictures, thoughts and words are just beautiful. You see the joy and beauty in everything.

    1. Your words mean so much to me, Susan. I've been slacking here lately but I hope to return soon and reading your comment gave me such a wonderful boost of energy!


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