Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iron Craft: Hot, Hot, Hot

Oh man, was I ever craving these drinks during that crazy heat bubble that sat on top of Minnesota for a week. I had the limes from my CSA but not the time. Good thing limes last a while in the fridge so I was set up, just perfect, for this week's Iron Craft challenge.

I double checked and yes, indeed, one of the suggestions for this week's challenge was a cool cocktail!

I made margaritas! And they were yummy! The Big D decided he wanted a frozen one and I stuck with the on-the-rocks version. So yummy that I had two!

I admit that I need to tweak the recipe a little: 2 ounces tequila, 1 ounce triple sec, 1/2 ounce simple syrup and the juice of 2 fresh limes (+ ice). It will be fun working further on this recipe.

The think I learned this week? I hate those glasses. So the both of them are going into the donation box. I'm trying to de-clutter my tiny, little house and getting rid of these glasses will open up a lot of space in my cupboard.

What a fun challenge full of de-cluttering and intoxicating beverages!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Iron Craft: Button Up

OK. So there are people that really like buttons. Then there are people who see buttons and think about all the shirts they need to mend and replace. I'm in the latter catogory. Granted there is a shirt or two that I shouldn't have anymore in my closet but I just can't seem to get rid of because of the awesome buttons.

And there is a shirt that no longer fits but has awesome buttons and one of which just recently fell off and it really should be thrown out but I just can't bear the thought of never having that shirt again so I will ramble on and on and try to forget that it needs to be tossed.

This week's Iron Craft challenge was to do something with buttons. As usual, I groaned. Then I got over it and went to work.

I made this:

My groaning is always pointless because I always enjoy the crafting. Does that say something neurotic about me? I hope not. Anyway I got the idea from here.

I made the bouquet on a really hot evening. I broke a sweat. But that was from the heat and not the work that went into the bouquet.

I love it so much I bought a shelf so that I can put this in the Lotus Bud's room! I might even re-do her whole room based on this Seussical button bouquet!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Iron Craft: Reuse [Baby Jars]

I have too many baby jars. More than I'd like to admit because that admission would reveal that I hadn't made all the baby food for the little Lotus Bud. I did make a good amount of food, but we still use one jar of baby food a day. She gets a jar of prunes to keep her regular.

This week's Iron Craft challenge was the perfect opportunity to use up these jars.

This is going to be another one of those on-going projects for me. I was able to make three for this challenge and that number was limited by the amount of wire I had available. I got the copper wire from a neighbor and this pleased me because I was able to re-use all the materials for this project!

I plan to make more and hang them in the low lying branches that surround our firepit. Unfortunately we weren't able to to go out to our Airstream property this last weekend so the picture is from our city garden.

I'm so very glad I saved all those bottles instead of recycling them!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iron Craft - Stars and Stripes

This week's Iron Craft challenge should have come together really quick, but I was a little off my game considering I was being attacked by an army of mosquitoes and stalked by some tenacious deer flies. Seriously, at one point, there seemed to be a cavalry of mosquitoes prepared to conquer, a consolidated effort to suck my blood. Ugh.

So the effort took me two nights, but it got done. And I am mighty pleased!

Last week's craft project feel apart on the drive to our woodland Airstream retreat. The glue gun failed me. Perhaps because the glue wasn't appropriate for wood. Because of this I was able to reuse the crystal beads for this week's project.

The most fun was finding a place to hang the star. It inspired me to do more. I'm imagining many weekend evenings dedicated to making more of these, except from now on I will be using hemp twine to bind the twigs together.

The only unfortunate occurrence is that I got so caught up in binding, I was really delayed with dinner. We didn't eat until 10:30! But you know - everything tastes good when it's been cooked over a big campfire!
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