Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Just a sip and you're hooked for life.

We went to Moab, Utah in December. It was an amazing trip for us as a family. I'm impressed with us and our ability to go there with toddler and survive without roadtrip trauma. I still have more photos to share and this one is from one of my favorite things to do while in Moab....

...Fill water jugs at Matrimony Spring. The water is filtered through it's long travel within the rock. Rumor has it that once you drink from the Spring, you are forever compelled to go back.

Item 21 on my Lotus List is the goal of sampling 50 micro brews. This is one I thought I would quickly get through, but I gave up beer for a while, post-pregnancy, in the hopes of losing weight. I'm back to the occasional beer and I'll choose a micro brew whenever I can.

I drank this one in Tofte, MN sometime right before Thanksgiving 2011. It was tasty. I was attracted to the bottle. Little did I know that Sasquatch would become a larger part of my life. Perhaps it was the act of drinking it that led me to realize the odd happenings around our WI property.

Yes, we may have had a Sasquatch near by. I'm not joking. Would I kid about something like this? On top of our efforts to understand the unexplained activity, we discovered that the next county over has has the most Sasquatch sightings in Wisconsin.

You might say this all comes from what I've been drinking, whether it's the wacky, delicious water of Moab or a local micro brew. My only response is that it's fun!


  1. Have you seen the tv show where the guys track the Sasquash. They try to tempt him with things like donuts & chocolate.


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