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So can you.

Iron Crafting at my creative best!

This past Labor Day weekend, we had old friends of ours out for a visit to our woodland retreat.  LT specifically asked about crafting before coming up for the weekend, so I searched my brain for a project.  Over the years I have done a number of stick and twig projects and thankfully, because of Iron Craft I have photographic record of the fun results which can be seen here and here.  I love the impermanence of these crafts (mostly) but the more I do it the better I get with the bindings.  They have been lasting longer.

So LT comes up to the woodland retreat and we all end up spending Sunday morning working on the crafts.  I affectionately called it "couples crafting weekend."  The guys were involved with the sawing and a little bit of drilling.  The gals gave directions and assembled the final bits into art.  I think she was satisfied and I walked away from that thinking my woodland crafting is going to get a whole lot better.

Labor Day wood disc mobile

Cut to last Friday...I remember that the recent Iron Craft challenge was to go shiny with glitter or metals or mirrors.  I had this ecstatic, bright-light moment when I also remembered the embroidery mirrors my mother had brought back from India for me after I completed this other IC project (which is an embroidery style found in Gujurat typically used with little mirrors rather than coins).

Oh goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had and how proud I was with what I was doing.

I have not been a frequenter Iron Crafter this year, but good lord, this one makes up for all of that I think!

I even found these little drills I bought years ago for Dave.  I wish I had remembered them over Labor Day weekend because we did lose some pieces due to splitting wood caused by the powered hand drill.

This little drill cut through the wood like butter!

The final results:

This was one of those crafts where I finally figured out what I was doing towards the end of the project.  Therefore this picture below shows the change of my design as my creativity evolved.

I loved it so much I decided I needed to do another one which I think is the best, although both have their own appeal.

Thanks again and again, Kat and Susi!  You push me in wonderful ways.  This sort of crafting is going to sustain me for many years to come (I have lots and lots of embroidery mirrors in different shapes and sizes).  I think I might do some Xmas ornaments, too!


  1. Really, I think these are just so beautiful! They would make lovely Christmas ornaments. I think it would also be pretty to cut a slightly bigger disc, drill out a section for a candle & put mirrors around the edge.


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