Wednesday, June 26, 2013

By the shores of Gitchi Gummi...

...came the light of the moon
sea smoke on the horizon
a trail leading into the water
beckoned with shining brightness
promising all the celestial possibilities of life.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

my, my, my what a beautiful world

We're here on the North Shore of Minnesota, on Lake Superior, Gitchi Gummi.  I'm in the condo right now listening to Colin Hay and feeling fine.

This is a mini vacation, a scouting trip of sorts with my parents who are in from Florida.  We all have been on our best behaviour.  D had to postpone at the last minute due to some shocking developments at his workplace.  He'll be joining us tomorrow evening.  My parents are settled in a condo a few doors down from me and the Little Lotus Bud.  And I have the evening to myself.  I love it.  I can do what I want, listen to the music that I want, sit up all night reading if I want or just go to bed early.

I don't think I've ever been on the North Shore in the summertime.  Sure I've been up here plenty to camp but never right on the Lake.  I can't go to bed early.  I have to absorb all the goodness and beauty around. The light was light until at least 10 pm.  I can have all the window open and snuggle into bed later.  But for now I want to just absorb, to soak in the glory that is summertime, the cool of the lakeshore air, the smell of a wood fire.

My, my, my what a beautiful world.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Fruit CSA

We got our first CSA fruit delivery last week.  The box contained cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, grapes, teeny tangerines, and pluots.'s amazing.  Most everything was ripe and ready to go.  The fruit is from organic farms from all over the country.  Mostly this has been a great addition to our diet.  It certainly get the little one eating tons of fruit.  We eat fruit for dessert so it's great to have so much variety.   If this first box is any indication about the fruit season, I can see how it's going to be exceptional!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A summer evening

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

After the Storm

Big storm here last night.  We had a lot of branches down but the tree seems to be fine, thank goodness.  A few minutes after the storm blew through a transformer exploded.  Fortunately we still have power.  There are many neighborhoods without power this morning.  I'm grateful that we still have ours and that we are all safe, including our elm tree.

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Longest Day of the Year

I do like Summer, but it is not my favorite season.  I always feel a bit cheated by the fact that the day the Summer Solstice arrives, we move to a cycle where each consecutive day is shorter.  Every year I am surprised by this.  I look forward to this time year for so long and then when it's here, it means the beginning of the end.  

Last night I was writing in my journal about the fact that I survived the longest day of the year with my little Niobe.  Then I realized I didn't just survive, I enjoyed it.  I think we are hitting a new phase in her development and in our relationship.  Or it just could be that I'm starting to feel a bit better and so it's easier to just have fun with her.

I remember when this shirt was a dress.  She has grown.  I have been waiting for her to grow to this age, an age where we can have conversations and make muffins together and do art projects together.

The last few months have been all about testing boundaries and kicking the fence to see where it is.  I've finally got some tools and an action plan to help me manage her energy and help provide some structure.  The day after I sat down with my neighbor (child psychologist for the MSP school district) for a long conversation about all this, my little one seemed to calm down into a new phase.

Funny how that works.  Just when I'm at my wits end, it all changes.

She's a great kid.  I realized that all my struggles with her were actually struggles with myself.

The long days of summer gave me the time I needed to sort it all out.

It's good timing because I want to experience this summer through the eyes of my little one.

She's so full of energy.  She skips everywhere.  Simply walking is absolutely not enough.

Chalk everywhere.  Mud and dirt on all her clothes.

The best ways to enjoy the season!

I want to soak in every glorious moment and lock all of it into my heart forever.

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summer curls

Look at all of her lovely curls!  With all the heat, humidity and rain here lately, her curls have been an outrageous, gorgeous mess.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clearing out the Dumping Ground

Our front porch had becoming a dumping ground, an above ground landfill, a dungeon of torturous memories, an obstacle course to navigate while keeping a careful watch for that which might fall on your head.  We took a big leap and threw away a lot of junk.  I had forgotten I had these two visuals.  I hadn't meant for them to make a political statement but there it is in our alley for all the neighbors to see.

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Lush Year for the Maple Seeds

They just keep on coming and I keep on sweeping.

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Father's Day

There's not much more sexy than a man with his child...expect for the maybe the man himself!

Happy Father's Day to the greatest father this family could ever have!

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Hard to photograph but worth the effort.  And seeing as we are getting a lot of rain this season, I must made a record of it.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

oh, my sweet summer child

"Look Moogy" she says to me.

"It's snowing!"

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A good garden must have weeds...

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163 and the flowers

ohmygod, the flowers.  They are lush and colorful, intense and vibrant.  The rain is very good for many things, just perhaps inconvenient for us Minnesotans who feel a bit cheated by Spring.
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Rain is coming so I decided to plan ahead.  Enjoying the flowers this year and all the debris in the neighborhood.  Every week brings something different.  One week it was the pink petals from the flowering trees.  Another week it was seeds from the elm trees.  Last week it was giant piles of fluffy cottonwood.  This week it's the green helicopters from the maple trees.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

161 - the bats and other Austin Awesomeness

Have you heard of the Austin bats?

Do you know what this is?

What an amazing trip!

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Lotus List #79

I was happy to have the opportunity knock something of my life list.  Item #79 - buy cowboy boots in Texas.  I had my Texan friend with me to make sure I didn't embarrass myself.  I did good.  And judging from the number of compliments I got, I think I did great!

I wore them each day for 14+ hours.  They are officially broken in now!  And seeing as they were almost the price of a mortgage payment, I'm hoping these last me a lifetime!

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After days of heat, I was happy to get a storm on the last morning.

I'm back now, obviously.  But I still have that Austin Awesome glow!
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The conference was jammed full of workshops.  Mine was at the last time slot on the last day.  The turnout was three times more than I had expected (I had low expectations) and listening to the laughter and applause told me they liked the presentation.  I took a risk.  My first CCMA conference and I chose to present.  I'm so glad I took that plunge!

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Seriously, everything was incredible in Austin right down to this great hotel room with a picture perfect view of the Austin skyline and the river.  Every single person I met at this conference was warm, friendly and welcoming.  There was a lot (a shit-ton) of drinking going on but I kept myself in check until the night after my presentation which happened to be the last night of the conference.  I'm glad I did because I'm not cut out for the exhaustion anymore.

I had a list of things I needed to do: buy cowboy boots, eat BBQ, hear great local music, and find a sense of community within the cooperative movement.  I got all of it!  I was extremely blessed!
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157 Day 1 in Austin

One of my closest friends lives an hour outside of Dallas.  She made the drive down to Austin to spend just one day with me.  What a blessing.  I quickly ditched my fellow conference-goers to hang with my friend after I learned that they planned to skip many of the arrival day events.  Consequently I got to see a lot of Austin as my friend, IB, had a plan to show me her favorite places.

I didn't have any time to post photos and not much time to take photos but what I did do I am happy with.  With the Lotus 365 project in mind I managed to capture the best memories of the trip.  And that's what it's all about, isn't it?  Capturing those great moments of any given day.

Austin was full of awesome.  And I had a incredibly wonderful time!
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


She's got two dresses she likes and that's all she'll wear.  And that watch necklace?  D wore that watch twenty years ago, in the first year of our marriage.  Recently we found it in a packed-full junk drawer and decided to have it made into a necklace.  She loves it and I love seeing it on her.

Give the girl bubbles or dandelions and she's happy.

I see hubby in this photo.  He sees me.  Niobe is the perfect blend of us.  That's how children work, I guess, but it's still a wonder to me.

I'm all caught up now on the Lotus 365 project.  Tomorrow I'm off to Austin for a conference.  It's my first time attending the CCMA conference since becoming a Board member at Eastside Food Co-op.  I'm presenting as well.  It's going to crazy hot and crazy fun!
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155 - my little tulip thief

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154 - almost done

One more appointment and I'll be done with this dental journey.  It's been two months since busting my tooth.  A root canal, a post, a temporary.  Next week - the final crown.  I restrained myself and decided against the gold tooth.  Ha!  I don't like wearing gold jewelry and so I decided that I would clash too much.  Porcelain, it is.
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This was the most awesome thing about my birthday.  She helped me bake the cake!  She's all grown up now.  I probably should feel sad about that, but I don't!  I can't wait for the years ahead with this little girl.  Now if only I could get her to wear a different dress...
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152 my birthday cake

Someone told that the 40 is the new "f-you".  I like it.  I'm beginning to feel that way as I move into year 42.

It was a great day and evening, although I did have three too many martinis.

I feel like I need to revisit my new year's resolutions to see where I'm at.  My birthday comes right smack in the middle of the year so it's always a good time to reassess.  Baking cakes was one of my resolution.  I think I've moved into great looking cakes, but it looked better than it tasted.  But cake is cake and I'm not complaining!
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photo walk catch-up 148 - 151

The transition seasons really are the best times to be in Minnesota.  It was a long drawn-out winter.  Now we have a wet spring.  But the flowers are gorgeous and the spring debris is beautiful.  Fleeting, but so worth the wait.





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