Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This July feels like our "golden era" has begun.  I'm so glad to have these two by my side.


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the heart of NE Minneapolis

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street fair

summer is the time for street fairs and Minnesotans make the most of the short warm season.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

flower from the top down

In 2010 I did a "28 Days" project where I took photos of the change of seasons into Fall.  I remember trying to get photos of flowers from different angles and this one turned out to be my favorite of the whole project.  I was delighted by the sun shining light through the petals.  This year I captured the same sort of flower from the top-down.  And now I'm delighted by the bright color of the petals brought out by the shine of the sun.

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I started journaling seriously again around my birthday in the beginning of June.  Since then I've gone through two and half journals.  I love how each one evolves with chosen cover colors and photos.  I've learned to be patient with each cover photo in that the right photo will come into my life when the time is right.  The Lotus 365 project photo from Friday turned to the be the right one for this journal and I am glad for it.

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Rarely do i see something out at a park and feel like the photo is even better.  Not so here.  The photo gives me a chance to gaze upon its intricate beauty and study it.

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almost like butterflies, no?

I hadn't have seen these sweet little flowers unless my daughter pointed them out.  They were hidden in a tall bunch of grass.

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late July fireworks

of the natural kind.

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is it the red grain of the grass?

or the bokeh that I like better?

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green, again

I take so many photos in the Fall and Winter.  This is really my first time capturing shades of summer green and I'm loving it.

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just a nice pot of flowers

In the heart of summer, there is beauty everywhere.

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coffee and time to write

see that blank page?  needs to be filled.

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Reached 200 hundred photos for my 365 Photo Project!  I thought this photo might be appropriate.

It says to me:  Keep Going!

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so glad for the cool weather

because i can cook again.

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The only word I can find to describe the fruit this year is luscious.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

green palatte

I continue to struggle with food photography.  The struggles have mostly to do with low lighting.

However, there was no struggle at all with finishing this meal!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

heat wave

getting in some outdoor time before the heat takes over.

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sculpted by the 2012 tornado

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silverwood park

This city park has really wonderful sculptures, all created by local artists.

Well designed and well placed.  Adds to the whole experience, doesn't it?

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my city

mine, mine, mine.  I love you, Minneapolis.  pssst.  don't tell my daughter I used the m-word.

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canoes on the Mississippli

I had the opportunity to canoe on the Mississippi. It was amazing. 

Not even away from the launch and already the sights are fabulous.  It's the magic hour for light.

More thoughts and photos to come.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the broccoli has bolted

That's fine because the flowers are pretty.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

noises and sounds in the dark and out in the woods.

The nights at a woodland retreat can be the awesome.  Especially if you are parents.  Nights, after the child has gone to sleep, are great times to connect with the partner in way that has nothing to do with parenting.  Perhaps even a time to rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.  But that's not really what I want to talk about today.

As awesome as the nights can be they can also be a frightening time for this city-girl.  The night is full of unidentified sounds.  Unidentified because there is no light to see what is causing the noise or even figure out where it is coming from. Maybe not as dire as feeling like "the night is dark and full of terrors" (ala Melisandre) and truly not all the noises are frightening.  Some are simply unknown.  In fact, most come from an unknown source.  Slowly over the years we have come to identify the sounds.  But this is also not what I intended to talk about today.

I want to remember the rabbit that was hopping around us the other night.  At least I think it was a rabbit.  It is the sound of a small creature making loud noises as it moves in two little hop crashes, the sound of old dried leaves and branches being crushed underfoot.

At first I think "OK, it's a bunny.  I think.  OK.  I'm OK with that (see how I convince myself that it really is OK?)."  But then my thoughts turn to "oh no! It could be a Fillory Hare."  That mean, doomed-filled hare in the Magician King.  You know, the one that will tell you your future if you manage to catch him?  Funny that a book can change my perceptions of a sound I hear in the woods.  Dumb, but funny nonetheless.

OK, but then Dave starts saying in a coo-ing voice "baby bunny, ohhhhh, baby bunny" and suddenly the memory of a baby bunny visit to the campfire comes hopping into my head.  A baby hare, I should say.  But baby bunny seems to capture the cute-ness of it all.

Back and forth I am about the noises in the woods after dark.  Finally back to the point of relaxation having identified the bunny and dispelled thoughts of Fillory...

Until I hear Dave running back from the road, his sandals smacking the rocks in rapid pats.  I've never heard him run like this.  My heart jumps into my throat and I listen for the sounds of something chasing him, because what else would make him run with such urgency?

Turns out he heard a bear huff a warning.  A baby bear has been sighted in the area and he thinks this might have been the mama.  Black bears are relatively harmless, cute even, unless you encounter a mama bear and her cubs.

How many times have we walked out to that road?  In the pitch dark, lit by the moon, or in this evening lit by the fireflies?  Countless.  How many times have a I peed on that road?  Squatted down under the stars with my pants down at my ankles, all vulnerable?  Countless.

The pertinent question that remains stuck in my mind:  How many times has there been a bear out in the woods across from me, sensing my presence?  Poised to defend her babies?  Unknown.  Sometime the night is dark and full of terrors.

Just another adventure for this city-girl.  A city- girl who likes inserting the books she reads into the environment around her.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

eerie childhood memory?

She woke unexpectedly.  I swear to you she has never woken at random times at night when we are at the trailer.  Sure she might be up early but never have I had to go in while in post-Lotus Bud time with hubby.  This time she awoke and she made it the living room and quieted as she gazed out at our fire blazing in the stone-lined firepit and the half dozen citronella torches glowing in the darkness.

Did she think it was eerie?  Or was she suddenly realizing there was this whole life happening after she goes to sleep at night?  Was she wondering what we were doing on this festive looking night?  I wonder if she will understand the next time I have to say to her "please roll over and go to sleep now because I want to go and spend time with Daddy."

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Holiday Photo Shoot

Every year I make albums for the grandparents.  These are the perfect Xmas presents.  Every year I take tons of photos yet still feel like I'm scrambling to find the right mix for the albums.  This year I decided to be more strategic and perhaps more organized about it all.  I found that my favorite pages in the albums were the series of photos, a set of photos from a single setting that I can turn into a collage.

This year I decided to be intentional about the photo shoots.

Motivated by Andrea Sherr and Karen Walrond, I have begun taking my photography more seriously.  I begin to call my photography time with the Lotus Bud "photo shoots."  For the Xmas photo albums I like the wonderful candid photos rather than the ones that are formally posed.  The best part of it all is that I get tons of photos every year!

They are not perfect, some don't even have the light right and others are out of focus, but I do manage to capture bits of  her growing and evolving personality, so full of energy and joy.

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4 years ago it was all a dream.

D and I took the pregnancy test early in the morning on Independence Day 2009.  Later that day we took this photo to remind us of how happy we were.

And so began this yearly tradition of taking a photo on the same spot close to the 4th of July.  Here the Lotus Bud is a little over 6 months old.  2010

2011 - She's 18 months old.

2012.  I'm beginning to think these are the only pair of shorts that I own.

2013.  Apparently I only have one tank top.  Earlier that morning the Lotus Bud and I gathered daisies and other random flowers to make crowns.  We picked long grasses and oak leaves for Daddy's crown.

Crowned and posed and ready to jump.

This photo cracks me up!  She is so full of energy and yet this photo captures us in motion with her cheeky still smile.

Over the years Jeeps have changes, our baby had grown and we the parents have lightened up.  The only thing that hasn't changed much is my clothes.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th, y'all!

This is my neighborhood.  I couldn't believe the fireworks display late last night.

I guess this is one of the benefits of living right next to a school.  People use the parking lot to light up really big fireworks.  I feel like there are personal shows for me and the Big D.

Happy 4th everyone.  I hope the holiday is full of light and wonder!

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the start of the long weekend

Last night was perfect.  After a rainy spring we've had a series of wonderful summer evenings here in MN.  A bit hot during the days but cool for the nights.  We didn't need the fire but it's so lovely to look at, isn't it? while drinking a beer and soaking in the quiet of the neighborhood.  This year I've come to really appreciate our city life.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This should have been on my life list.

I've always wanted to take a decent photo of a dandelion at this stage of it's life.

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Iron Craft #13 - Eye of the Needle

The latest Iron Craft challenge was to spend a few hours with a needle.

So, journals.  Fifteen years ago I found some simple instructions on how to make journals.  It requires a bit of sewing so I thought it would be a good Iron Craft project.  I needed to make more anyway so everything came together in wonderful moment of synchronicity.

I went and bought some cardstock, came home and promptly found a huge stack of cardstock just waiting for me.  Oh well.  I really need to go through my craft supply to assess what I have.

This project requires cardstock, paper (I use printer paper), floss, an awl and an embroidery needle.  The longest part of this project is folding the paper.  Once it's all prepped, the sewing goes rather fast.

I made two and just in time.  I needed a new journal and began writing in it on the Solstice.  What a great way to start the season!

This project is best done in batches.  I wish I had enough time to make at least four more.  I'm sure I'll get around to it again sometime soon.

If you want to learn how to do this, contact me.  I'll type up the instructions.  I hope to teach a community education class this fall on DIY journals so I need to type up the instructions anyway.  But I haven't done it yet.

It sure felt good to get this project done and to have the opportunity to participate in Iron Craft!

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Monday, July 1, 2013


I think lupines have become my favorite flower.  They are so very big and sturdy in the wind.  They are just so showy and flamboyant, yet elegant.  I don't think any of those words really describe how gorgeous these flowers are.

I didn't expect to find these on the North Shore.  The season is late this year.

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We had fun!

Despite all the rain and the 50 degree temps, despite the totally weird realtor, despite my parents, we had fun.  It was especially nice that we decided to extend our visit by one night.  We woke to sunny skies and warm temps.  In just one day the vacation turned to the fabulous.

The Lotus Bud is finally getting into these jumping shot.  We'll keep doing them because again, it's fun.

Did I mention we had fun?

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