Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

blue skies review


The Eloise Bulter Wildfower Garden is the place where I captured one of my favorite images. This image was part of my 28 days project. While visiting the Garden this last month, I was very conscious of trying to find a similar photo opportunity.

My goal was to capture 28 days of season change in Minnesota. It was the first major goal I accomplished after having a baby. I feel proud of myself as I read through the conclusions and lessons I learned throughout the project.

Some of those thoughts that were posted make me feel naive and vulnerable, yet I'm so glad I recorded those thoughts. Just as I able to freeze 28 moments in Autumn, similarly I managed to freeze a phase in early motherhood. It is obvious that I'm searching for myself and finding things and then, in turn justifying the small things I know about myself. What a confusing time.

It seems to me that the 28 day project was therapeutic for me, a vital process that ushered in the current phase of my life which is full of love and prosperity, full of new goals and confidence.

Dear Manisha - you've come a long way!
                      Love, me (aka Moogy)