Sunday, May 19, 2013

139 retrospective truth

I'm looking back on these photos for a reason.  These photos show that we did indeed to have a great time on our vacation.  The weather wasn't ideal, our health was questionable, but the location was perfect and the time we spent together was sweet, mostly.

Truth is I was on the verge of a bad emotional time for me.  I had a root canal a few weeks and thought I was through the worst of it.  Then I got sick, really sick over Mother's Day.  Compound these physical challenges with the new phase of uncontrolled and uncontrollable willfulness from my 31/2 year old.  All this sent me over the edge.  I spent this last week at home thinking about how I was descending into depression, an impossible circumstance at an impossible - all made impossible by the responsibilities of motherhood, stay-at-home motherhood.

It took me the whole week to realize that it was in fact depression that I was feeling, despite the internal dialogue of denial.  I was the most tender I have ever been with myself although I can't same say I acted the same way towards my child.

But now it's over, overwhelmed as it was by the beautiful Minnesota spring weather.

And now I have these photos.  I've put on weight, I've lost a ton of hair, but I think I can still see some spirit in there.

I'm hoping that all will be back to tolerable in a day or two.

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138 - Note to Moogy and Daddy

Do not plan for hikes immediately after child wakes up from nap.
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137 Captain Huggy Face

The Big D morphed into Captain Huggy Face, Word Girl's sidekick, in all ways except the spinning on the ground.  The lengths that this man went through to keep us moving on the trail and in good spirits was endearing.  I'm sure he was glad we had the state park to ourselves.

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136 the waterfall

Last Monday when I posted about the fact that we finally made it to Cascade Falls, I neglected to post a photo of the falls.  Here it is to attest to the fact that it was beautiful.

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135 controlled burn

We turned a corner and found this controlled burn.  Considering the number of wildfires that flared in Minnesota and Wisconsin the next week, looking back on this photo I feel grateful that this fire didn't get out of control.  Unlike myself and my turbulent emotions.

I  need to catch up on my Lotus 365 Photo postings.  I didn't feel quite so sick when we got back from our trip Up North, but I still needed time to rest and I needed to get back into life in the city.  I couldn't even bear to look at my camera although I carried it around every where with me in my purse.  I've decided to continue posting photos from our trip.

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134 Carabou Cream

We didn't realize until this year that the maple syrup we buy is produced right in the area.  We had to visit.  We actually went there a couple of times as just one bottle of maple syrup is just not enough, even if it is a large one.  We were happy, our house-sitter was happy, our CSA-picker-upper was happy, even my in-laws were happy.  It was a great decision to explore this place, see the whole operation. and buy some award-winning maple sugar.
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Monday, May 13, 2013

133 we finally saw the Cascade waterfall

We had our last day here on the North Shore. I was cold and she was cranky. I'm posting Dave's photos today because he kept us moving.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

132 Eagle's Nest

The plan for Mother's Day was to head to the flamboyant Naniboujou Lodge for brunch.  People say to go for the eye-popping experience and stay for the food.  But, I was too sick and ended up sleeping until 11:30.  Then a nice long bath while D and Lotus Bud went to the park and chatted up some locals.  We did eventually make it out and on our drive to Grand Marais, I saw this eagle's nest and made note of the mile marker.  On our drive home we stopped and found the eagle was in residence.  The sick, feverish day turned a bit magical.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013


These birds are creeping me out.  They flock to the front of the condo and stare into the windows.  I have a fever.  No doubt that is effecting my perception.  It sucks to be on vacation and be sick.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

bare bones and big waves on the shores of Lake Superior

Our second full day on the North Shore of Superior and we got a bright sunny one.  The wind picked up and waves started singing.

I cut away here because of the number of photos.
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130 On the Shores of Lake Superior

Recently I connected with a friend who I haven't seen in nearly 20 years. She was a witness in our wedding and she was an avid reader.  She convinced me to try the Kindle by loaning me hers.  It took me only one night to see the value in this innovation (ha! - I say innovation, but it's actually been around for a while) and so I have that for an early Mother's Day gift, a gift from myself to myself, but thoroughly encouraged by Dave and Niobe.  The waves were crashing outside, the birds were all around, and I was happy.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Similarities between me and the Temperance River

There were record amounts of snow this last winter with one of the largest snowfalls just last week.  So far, the best parts of this trip Up North are the rushing rivers that crash into the rocks and flow out into Lake Superior with a muddy, bubbly mess of Spring runoff.  

The Temperance River takes on many moods, all new to me as I'm used to the relative calm of the Autumn flow. At times I see anger and aggression in the water as it curls towards a whirlpool plunge.  Other times there is triumph and exultant energy in the bubbles and white water of river.

We are on vacation, a Mother's Day trip.  Both me and Shunkins are sick and cranky.  So far the trip has been part wonder, part frustration with small moments of peace and relaxation.  All the moods that Spring has to offer, I think.  Thank goodness D is there to pull us back into retreat mode.
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I love taking photos of the Jeep.  This one is looking back from the trail on the Temperance River which was brown, roaring and swelling through the gorge.  What a glorious time to be on the North Shore of Minnesota.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

128 North Shore Icon

So very happy to come here and find that the 20+ inches of last week's snow has all melted, at least on the shore.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


She looks much older to me in this photo.  She's growing too fast, I think.  And yet, I can't wait until that time she's grown to the point where we can talk about books during walks or over fixing dinner.
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Monday, May 6, 2013

126 cool spring project

The North Mississippi Regional Park has a fantastic program for preschoolers.  It starts with a puppet show, then some touchy-feely time with an animal (a turtle for this month), a crafty activity, finally ending with time walking in the park (we went to a pond to find frogs).

This photo is the crafty project where the kids were guided into providing fodder for a bird's next.  They filled these wicker (could be grape vine) balls with alpaca fur/hair (?). Then they hung them up in the trees.  What a fantastic idea!  I can't wait to do this around our house.
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

125 - Time to celebrate the end of the week

A much needed drink after a long day spent in a policy governance retreat.  Nothing but a martini could do me right.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

122 - 124 Minneapolis Public School Nutrition Center

Because of the root canal earlier this week, my energy has been low yet the days have seemed to be extra busy.  This week has been full of EFC Board related work.  One of the highlights of this week was a tour of the facility that makes school lunches from scratch for the Minneapolis Public Schools.

I've been out and about gathering information, locating resources and making connections for the MN Food Forums that we hope to launch this Fall.  One of the places I got to tour was the Minneapolis Public Schools Nutrition Center.  

Yes, I did say this facility was making school lunches from scratch.  Director Bertrand Weber is doing amazing things for the kids of Minneapolis, slowly transforming warming kitchens to fully functioning kitchens again.  They are serving free-range locally raised turkey meat and organic produce.  All coming in within budget, in fact providing these lunches (and breakfast) for $1.03 per student.  You bet I'll be sharing more information about this because it is fascinating.

I'll say more later but I want to share these first few photos.  
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

121 - root canal

Not only is this painful in my mouth it's also a serious barrier to finishing my to-do list this week.  I'm scrambling to take photos, post photos.  I'm uncertain about my ability to eat.  The bright spot in all this is that my home was clean.  I could return to peaceful relaxation in my house.  What a blessing that was and what a sense of accomplishment as it made me realize all the efforts I took to get my life and home in order payed off in this week of stress.

Now all I have to do is catch up.
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